Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Client Success Manager


About Coach

I was born and raised in a charming northern Minnesota town. After scoring my associate's degree at a local community college, I decided to shake things up in 2016 and made Kansas City my home for seven exciting years before venturing to New England in 2022 with my partner, Dustin. During my younger years, I was always outdoors, whether it was tubing on the lake, attempting to ski, or hitting the bike trails with my brother. As high school rolled around, I discovered my passion for softball, even though I was a rookie to the sport. It eventually led me to captain my own slow-pitch team. My athletic pursuits took a backseat as I dove headfirst into my career, aiming to rise through the ranks in a major retail chain. Starting as a part-timer, I hustled my way up to become an assistant store manager and, most recently, assumed the role of store manager at a different company. Over the past decade managing and 15 years of customer service, I've honed my skills in working with the public. The flexibility to adapt to various locations and clientele has not only strengthened my managerial prowess but also enriched me as an individual. Through this journey, I've come to realize that above all else, I thrive on connecting with people, learning their stories, and helping them overcome life's hurdles. Beyond my professional life and gym sessions, I have a deep passion for food, outdoor adventures, hiking, globetrotting, and treasured moments with my family.

Turning Point

A pivotal moment in my life arrived when I took a break from physical activity, resulting in my heaviest weight. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a photo where I hardly recognized myself that I truly grasped the extent of this change. It was a wake-up call. As a food lover, I'd indulged without much regard for nutrition. I knew I had to start with my diet, especially given my hectic work schedule. After a year of dietary adjustments, I ventured into home workouts, albeit inconsistently. Then, I joined a global gym and maintained a consistent routine until a knee surgery threw me off track. After my recovery, I decided to give CrossFit a shot, and it transformed my life. The daily variety of workouts engaged me and kept me pushing forward. The benefits extended beyond the gym, enhancing my physical capabilities at work. It was then that I realized I'd found the missing piece to maintain the lifestyle I desired.

Motivation & Passion

My true passion lies in connecting with people, delving into their life stories, understanding their motivations, and offering support to overcome life's challenges. Even if it's just for an hour at the gym, making someone smile, laugh, or feel cared for fulfills me more than anything else. That's why I'm on this journey with Basecamp Fitco, where I aspire to contribute to their vision of changing lives for the better.

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