Dustin Eckart

Dustin Eckart

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About Coach

I'm originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I've embraced a versatile skill set, as my father's wisdom instilled in me the idea that knowledge and skills should be abundant. This mindset drives me to be an exceptional coach, always ready to learn and assist my clients to the best of my capabilities. If there's something I'm not familiar with, I'm eager to learn and adapt. Traveling is a great passion of mine; I started exploring the country with my dad at 21, and that journey has continued ever since. Among the highlights of my life, moving to Germany to coach at a Crossfit affiliate stands out as the pinnacle of my achievements.

Turning Point

In 2016, I found a turning point in my life while working as a driver's assistant at a major gas station in the KC metro area. Initially, I believed this job would bring about a significant change, but reality turned out differently. After a few months, monotony settled in, and I grappled with self-doubt and shame. Seeking comfort, I turned to food, resulting in weight gain and a worsening situation. A beacon of change appeared when a friend suggested trying a new gym in town. Despite my uncertainty and reluctance to admit needing help, my friend insisted I give it a shot. He took the initiative to pay for a month's membership at Crossfit Nexus. This experience revealed my true worth, erasing feelings of shame and self-doubt. Over the course of three years, I went from 210 pounds to 175 pounds, and it turned out to be the most transformative period of my life. This transformation was ignited by stepping into a gym that embraced me for who I am.

Motivation & Passion

I chose coaching to empower individuals in their life transformations. Regardless of background, we share a universal desire for acceptance and love. My goal is to prove that with the right coach and mindset, elements like weight, age, or abilities pose no obstacles when the desire for change is strong. My motivation is to assist people facing challenges similar to those I once experienced.

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