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Meet Beth Chorba
Those were the Days!
This picture is from my 'Glory Days' as a Fitness & Figure competitor in the National Physique Committee.  I am blessed with some pretty darn good genetics but also know the hard work involved in weight loss and sculpting the body you want.  After 2 pregnancies in my late 30's, I topped out at 180#   (I had BIG babies, but they were not THAT big)   But isn't there always more to any story?
I was also a Registered Nurse working In the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at U of M, when I was declared legally blind.  (Nobody wants a blind nurse to take care of them)  I turned my knowledge base toward health prevention by becoming a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine.   I take knowledge, qualification and experience very seriously when it comes to  the fitness professionals that represent Base Camp Fitness Co.   I take this second career path as seriously as the first.  
Enough of this...in a nutshell:
  • Owner Base Camp Fitness Co., BETHFIT  LLC, Bay City Boot Camp  LLC 
  • RN
  • ACSM cPT
  • Adjunct Instructor Delta Community College Health & Wellness Division
  • Certified Spinning Instructor~Madd Dog Athletcs
  • Certified Piloxing Instructor
  • Certified WERQ Instructor
  • Former National Qualified NPC Fitness Competitor 

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